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What is White Flag Worship?

Exactly... what is White Flag Worship??? Let's begin by looking at the noun "white flag". The white flag originated on the battlefield. When the weaker party was losing the battle, they would raise a giant white flag. That signified that the weaker party was dropping their weapons, with the intent to surrender and desire to communicate. Worship: to show reverance or ado...

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Voice of the Martyrs: Newsletter Sign-up Link

Christians throughout the world still face daily threat of violence and pressure from local authorities and governments. Here is one way to stand with your brothers and sisters....

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Me and You in God's grand story!

The book of Acts reminds us that the church is nothin' normal, made up of ordinary people who do extraordinary things because of the mighty and gracious hand of God!...

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Nothin' Normal: Living a Life that's Out of the Ordinary

This summer we're going to refocus our eyes, minds, hearts, hands, and feet on the life-transforming mission He's empowered His followers to be on....

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