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Praying to Jehovah Tsidkenu

Jehovah Tsidkenu POST

Father, There is so much injustice around me. I don’t know what to do about all the wickedness going on in the world let alone the ways people have hurt me and others in my life. But you are the LORD our Righteousness! You will judge all evil and punish the oppressors. So do not hesitate in bringing justice and repentance to the wicked, Lord. Heal what is broken, and pun...

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Praying to Jehovah Rapha

Jehovah Rapha POST

Heavenly Father, I’ve tasted your goodness and I’ve tasted the bitterness of life. If I’m honest though, many times the sufferings I face overcome me and blind me to the wonderful ways you’ve worked in my life. Sometimes I’m so knee deep in my trouble, my insecurities, and the tragedies that I have no control over that it feels like you’ve forgotten about me. R...

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Why Erikah finds comfort in the name Jehovah Rapha

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 5.31.06 PM

Although uncertainties surround Erikah's health, find out why she finds so much comfort in the name Jehovah Rapha....

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Praying to El Olam

El Olam POST

"Lord You are El Olam. You were before the beginning and continue to be, even when the end comes. All power and authority are in Your hand. God, I admit that there are many times when I question if You are really there and why You have disregarded me even while I’ve been faithful to You......

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Praying to El Roi


Father, you are the God who sees. There is no joyful moment or painful reality that isn’t under your gaze. Thank you that when you see, you care. Thank you that where your caring eyes look upon suffering, you will not hesitate to act and heal......

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Our 5th Anniversary: From 5 Until Forever!

5TH anniversary 4

It was about 60 degrees on Sunday, October 6, 2013. The sun shone brightly over us, as the Son shone brightly among us. Here we are, 5 years later, still on the mission God called us to, and still experiencing God's goodness over his church. Each year we will celebrate God's faithfulness, from 5 until forever because God is El Olam, the Everlasting God! ...

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The Comeback - Men's Retreat

Men's Retreat Flyer

Men, mark your calendars for September 7-9 to be in Lake Geneva, WI for the Men's retreat. We'll be encouraged, refined, and challenged as we live out God's calling over our lives as men. We refuse to be kept down by fear and failure even in the midst of defeat. At The Comeback, we'll learn to find our strength in God and lock arms as men to advance God's agenda in our ho...

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Praying to Yahweh

Pray Yahweh

God, you are everlasting and your reign is timeless. You are Yahweh, the self-existent God of the universe. And just as the fire in the bush didn't need the bush to continue burning, you need nothing to sustain you. You are constant, never having to improve or grow because you are the I AM. I humbly come before you calling upon your name. Thank you for coming down to my le...

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The Art of Parenting


As a parent, you are the number one influence on your children in every area of their life. For many busy parents and stepparents, it is common to treat raising children and practicing your own faith as two separate parts of life, yet they can be beautifully intertwined....

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Mi Historia: Unknown and Untold Stories of the Latino Protestant Church in America

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 2.33.24 AM

Mi Historia: Unknown and Untold Stories of the Latino Protestant Church in America...

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