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Prayer of Jesus - Parenthesis

Prayer is that precious gift of direct communication with God. It's what Jesus did on the mountainside. It's what Jesus made possible by his death and resurrection. It's what Paul told us to do "without ceasing." It's what Hannah did in her time of need. It's what Jonah did from the belly of the fish. It's what David did, while hiding in caves. It's what Paul did on behalf of the churches. It's what the Spirit helps us do when we don't know what to say. It's what faithful followers of Jesus throughout the ages have delighted in.

Prayer is a gift, because it fosters our relationship with God and deepens our experience of and dependency upon Him. From June 7-July 12, our new message series at The Brook, "Talking with God," will focus on prayer learning to pray from the life of Jesus. Listen to all of the messages here.

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