100 Meals & Invites as we approach our 100th Sunday #RealCommunity #AlwaysOnMission

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With our 100th Sunday approaching on August 30th, we're setting a goal as a church of connecting with 100 people who are far from God or not a part of a local church.
We envision this taking place over a cup of coffee in the evening with an old friend, on your lunch break with a coworker, an intentional invite to The Brook while on the bus with someone you started a conversation with, or even inviting a neighbor over for dinner or dessert.
Jesus made it a point of having intentional conversations and meals with people who were far from God. Let's take a page out of Jesus' book (the Bible) and join His mission!
After you connect with someone, write out a testimony of your interaction on a leaf (see picture below) and staple it to the tree in the foyer when you enter the church building. Our prayer is to see this tree flourish over the month of August. Let's prayerfully do this together!


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