21 Days of Prayer & Fasting in 2021


As the Brook Church we are dedicating the first 3 weeks of 2021 to God through 21 days of prayer and fasting. We are calling everyone at The Brook to fast and pray together from January 3rd to the 24th to seek the Lord to grow our Church spiritually, and to send laborers into the harvest for us to reach more people in our community with the good news of Jesus Christ!


Although we may often think of fasting as something that a person does privately on their own, on a number of occasions in the Scriptures, the people of God would fast together for a united purpose. Prayer and fasting are different activities but they go hand-in-hand with one another because they both do similar things. Prayer is when we commune or bring requests to God through what we do, namely through words spoken out loud or in our hearts. Fasting is when we commune and bring requests to God through what we choose not to do (i.e. eat certain foods, use social media).


            We are encouraging everyone is able to join with us in doing three different fasts over the next 21 days.


  • Week 1- A Call to a Media/Entertainment Fast (January 3rd to the 10th)


  • Week 2- A Call to a Water/Juice Only Fast (January 11th-17th)


  • Week 3- A Call to a Vegetable Only Fast (January 18th-24th)


Here are some tips for those who have never done a fast before:


  1. Do it For God

Right now, we are asking everyone to fast so that we can draw closer to God and that He would help us accomplish his mission in our city. We are not primarily taking this time to fast for our health or to build better habits (although both may happen), but to grow with God! So, come to fasting with a mindset that is focused on God.

  1. Set Aside Time

Since we will be taking time away from other things in our days this week (food, meat, or entertainment), lets fill that time with activities that help you seek God’s will. Instead of preparing and eating a meal, use that time to pray, read your Bible, or sing to the Lord. This also gives you more time to do the readings from the YouVersion 21-Days of Fasting Devotional and meditating on Psalm 119. Download the Fasting Guide and Reading Plan.

  1. Be Healthy

We absolutely understand that some of us will not be able to participate the way everyone else will in the fast due to health or professional concerns. For example, if you should not go without eating completely during the 2nd week. That is OK. Be safe. Participate by going without something that will not endanger your health, like don’t eat a dessert or skip a meal, but you honor God when you take care of the body He gave you.

  1. Do It with Others

Just like in life in general, fasting is enriched when we do it with other brothers and sisters in Christ. Find a few other people in the Church who can do the fasts with you. You can encourage each other through sharing insights you gain, holding each other accountable when someone gets discouraged, and remind one another about the purpose and the focus of our fasts.


Let’s seek the Lord these 21 days together, and do so with the expectation that He will cause us to grow closer to Him and that He will give us vision, strength and a passion to help others experience the good news of Jesus.

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