A Fresh Look at Halloween


A Fresh Look at Halloween 

Today Ninja Turtles, Disney Princesses, Super Heroes, and Frankenstein will show up at your door asking for a sugar-filled treat. Sure, some of these outfitted candy-seekers will look weird, freaky, and downright creepy. But rather than shutting out this nationwide costume party, let's take a fresh look at Halloween.

The Church is God's instrument for spreading the good news (gospel) of Jesus to our dying world. The Church was never meant to be confined to a room once a week. It was meant to be a dynamic group of Spirit-filled followers of Christ who engage their communities with the hope of Jesus!

Halloween creates a goldmine of opportunity. This is the one time a year your neighbors will be out on the block and show up at your doorsteps. Seize the opportunity! Seize the gospeltunity and shine the light of Jesus!

  • Begin with having candy, hot chocolate, or apple cider. 
  • Be a smiling joy-filled face as you greet them.
  • Have info about The Brook on hand to give out.
  • Seek, See, and Seize gospel conversations!
  • Pray that God would make lasting connections that sow seeds and eventually bear fruit.
Oh Lord, please create opportunities for me to tell someone about Jesus or point them to The Brook today. God, let my heart break for my community. Use me to be light in the midst of darkness. Let seeds be planted today that will grow and bear the fruit of saving faith in Jesus. In His name I pray, Amen.

Our church building will be giving out handfuls of candy. If you can, please come by and invest 30 minutes to connect with our neighbors any time between 5:30pm-8:00pm. Bring a bag of candy with you as well!!

Let's pray that God will work in the "space" that Halloween creates!

Pastor Eric Rivera

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