Dallas, Louisiana, Minnesota and our Broken Nation

Dallas, Louisiana, Minnesota and our Broken Nation

By Eric Rivera


I've been following the news with great angst the last few days (last 2 years) leading into last night. My heart is ripped to shreds for families in Louisiana and Minnesota, for Officers and families in Dallas, and for our nation. It’s tempting to put our head in the sand and ignore it until gets closer to home. But if we’re honest with ourselves, we can’t ignore all that we’re seeing.

We can’t ignore the genuine fear, hurt and pain that exists in the black community since Ferguson resulting in deepened distrust of law enforcement and government. Black lives do matter.

We can’t ignore the countless police officers that strive to do their work with true conviction putting their lives on the line each day to serve and protect. Thank you.

We can’t ignore the deep-seeded racism that exists in our society in subtle, blatant, and institutional ways. We can’t ignore the political climate that has fueled the passion and increased these divides.

We can’t ignore the influence of media, social media, and the opinions of both levelheaded and absent-minded people.

There are MANY things I would like to say, but for now I’ll limit it to 2 things:

  1. Remember that all people are made in the image of God. That includes people of different ethnic backgrounds, social classes, ruthless criminals, innocent 4-year-olds, law-enforcement, their spouses, and young black men. I say this because this reminder should give us pause when making sporadic judgments, cold and bold assessments, and blanket statements that measure our own goodness against others we feel we are better than. As image bearers, we should grieve deeply over the death of black men and law enforcement.
  2. We can post, share, and comment all day, but what we need to do most is pray. People are dead. Families are broken. Our nation is lost. Our Government is confused. We need to pray. Let’s ask God what he wants us to do...and then act! Prayer is the starting point, but tangible responses will follow. Let’s plead for healing in the black community. Let's pray for our police officers who are back on the streets to serve and protect today. Let’s pray that the good news that Jesus came to save broken people and give them new lives revives our nation.

My confidence is in Jesus, even when our world is crumbling. I hope yours is too.

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