Marriage: God's Design Redefined


By Eric Rivera, Lead Pastor at The Brook


Our Hope on this Historic Day
The God of the Bible is a good God, who is infinite in his worth, supreme in his love, and breathtaking in his compassion. He alone can satisfy the deepest longings of the human heart and supply us with lasting joy, forgiveness, and eternal hope. With him as the hope for humanity and the delight of the Church, we are faced with a historic day in our nation as it pertains to its redefining of marriage.

God’s Good Design Redefined
We live in America, a truly remarkable country for which I am extremely grateful. The freedom that is ours at the expense of the lives of many is a price that we can hardly comprehend. Still, this is a sad day for America, where our freedom has led the nation to a place where it opposes God and His precious design for marriage. Today’s supreme court ruling to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states has ruled against God’s good design for marriage, between one man and one woman until death does them part. When God created Adam and Eve, he united them in covenant through which they would be an earthly picture of the heavenly marriage between Jesus (the Groom) and the Church (his Bride). I often say that there is no picture perfect marriage, but God designed marriage to point to the picture that is perfect.

God Designed What is Best
Our nation’s redefining and redesigning of marriage cannot point to the love of God as most preciously expressed in Jesus’ sacrifice for his Bride, the Church. While it is true that God is pure and hates sin, it is also true that he is deeply loving and compassionate, having sent Jesus to rescue us from our sin (rebellion against God), to heal the wounds we carry, to adopt us into the family of God, and to give us a new life when we place our faith in Jesus. God, in his love, designed what is best for us even when we think otherwise. This, being true of marriage between man and woman, is also true in life as a whole. He is the only one who can satisfy our meaningful longings, greatest desires, and deepest hopes.

The Response of the Church
Church, let’s hold fast to the good news of Jesus, the truths of God’s Word, his design for marriage, and the sincere love for our neighbors no matter what their sexual orientation or beliefs on marriage. Let’s be a people who love people and love the truth. We live in dark days, but oh that we might lovingly and courageously shine our light!


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