Praying to God who is El Kanna

El Kanna POST

"God You alone are worthy of every and all praise! You are worthy because you are the creator, sustainer, and redeemer of my life. Before I was formed and alive, you were. You desire honor and glory for your namesake. Lord I confess that there are times that I have cheated our covenant relationship, turning to idols and I’ve messed up. My eyes and ears have been veiled by lies from different voices, teachings, and from the enemy himself, that I’ve drifted away from Jesus Christ. Help me to uproot those lies, coming back to the source of my life, that I may worship you by treasuring your truth, lifting my voice, and living in a way that honors and glorifies your name. That through my life, all may know that you are God. For you are El Kanna, a God whose name is Jealous because you are a jealous God." 

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