Praying to El Roi


Father, you are the God who sees.There is no joyful moment or painful reality that isn’t under your gaze. Thank you that when you see, you care. Thank you that where your caring eyes look upon suffering, you will not hesitate to act and heal. Lord, I often feel like my pain goes unseen. Sometimes I feel consumed with my own loneliness. But you see my stress, my pressure, my depression! Please give me the faith and patience to wait on your rescue. Your timing is perfect and I will trust you. Jesus, thank you that you saw the depths of my sin, and chose to die on my behalf. Because of this, the gaze of God on me is always love. Please do not let me try and hide in the darkness from your eyes. Whether it be because I want to hide sin or I am ashamed of my weakness, I need you to see me. So search me Lord, and open me up to your healing. Praise the Lord, the God who sees. Amen.


Listen to the message, "El Roi: You are a God of Seeing."

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