Praying to Jehovah Tsebaoth

Jehovah Tsebaoth Pray 2

God YOU are the LORD of Hosts. YOU are my refuge AND my strength. Though at times I feel like I might not make it through the day, I am glad that I can trust in you because you are always by my side. Though at times it feels like life has its way with me, I know I can pause and be still because you are God. When I look back from where I’ve come from, I know that I’m standing here because it was you who sustained me and I remember your marvelous works. Help me to remember that I can face my storms because you hold all power in your hand, you will be exalted over all nations, and your kingdom will reign forever. You are Jehovah Tsebaoth and my heart is glad that the LORD of Hosts is with me and sustains me. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, Amen!


Listen to Sunday's message: "Jehovah Tsebaoth: The LORD of Hosts is with us."

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Thank you for the reminder of how wonderful and awesome is our King of Kings, God Almighty the most Powerful Name in the universe!

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