Praying to Yahweh

Pray Yahweh

"God, you are everlasting and your reign is timeless. You are Yahweh, the self-existent God of the universe. And just as the fire in the bush didn't need the bush to continue burning, you need nothing to sustain you. You are constant, never having to improve or grow because you are the I AM. I humbly come before you calling upon your name. Thank you for coming down to my level to rescue me through Jesus. Thank you that I belong to you. Help me to be mastered by nothing but you alone. Amen."


Listen to the message: "Yahweh: This is my name forever." 


YAHWEH is my strength every single day.
I can't function without Him.
I needed this. I’ve been struggling for years now. I’m tired and just want to come home. Thank you for sharing, brother.
He is good, the eternal I AM. His love endures forever!
Help me to be mastered by you alone! This will be my battle cry!
With His love I am nothing. Amen

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