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At The Brook, we love

 the good news of Jesus Christ because it changes lives and because it is for absolutely everyone! God is on a mission to bring His love and mercy to everybody, no matter their age, and He invites all those who love Him and follow Him to join in that great mission! But sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, does it? Sometimes it can seem like the message of Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection only applies to problems adults face or  that it simply makes for good stories for children. But why is it important to serve teenagers and youth? What does the good news of Jesus have to say to them? 

The Bible and Youth

Well, although it may seem like the Bible was written for adults, it actually has a lot to say directly to youth! In fact, most of the book of Proverbs is written to youth to encourage them to seek wisdom while they are young (Prov. 1:8-19)! The fact that the book of Proverbs has so many insights for so many adults indicates that we probably would have benefited from a lot more Proverbs in our youth! 

The Strong Faith of Youth

Just because youth are young doesn’t mean that they can’t have a close relationship with God or a vibrant or mature faith. In fact, David in Psalm 144 prays “our sons in their youth be like plants full grown, our daughters like corner pillars cut for the structure of a palace” (ESV). Here we see that God wants youth to be mature and strong, “pillars” despite their age. It is important to David that children walk with the Lord because he saw how vital it was in his own life! He sings in one Psalm, “For You are my hope; O Lord God, you are my confidence from my youth” (Psalm 71:5). So just because someone is young, it doesn’t mean that they can’t have a strong faith, or know God, or experience the protection and love of their heavenly Father. 

God’s Plan for Youth

On a more fundamental level, everyone who is a follower of Jesus is called to serve the youth around us. Why? Jesus loves them and died on the cross so that they could be forgiven of their sins and could be brought into the family of God when they trust in Him. And because God loves them, He has plans to use them to accomplish great things. God used youth throughout the Bible. Samuel the prophet, David, King Josiah, Mary the Mother of Jesus, and the twelve disciples all were teenagers when God first began to use them to bless others. Therefore, he can/will use the youth of Chicago as well!

It is for these reasons, and many others that the Brook is committed to serving, loving and equipping youth on the northwest side. This spring, three of our Real Community groups are partnering with GRIP Outreach for Youth to reach and engage youth in the city. Please be praying for this new platform for our church. We pray that the Lord would empower our Real Community Groups as they serve. But, more importantly, let’s all be watching for ways we can serve, love, and encourage the youth around us to love and embrace the good news of Jesus in a way that will transform their lives!

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By Joshua Phillips


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