Trick-or-Treat for the Glory of God

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While many evils are associated with Halloween, let's not overlook the many God glorifying opportunities that exist because of it. At The Brook, we want to leverage Halloween to advance the good news of Jesus and connect with our community. After all, this is the only time in the year your neighbors will show up at your front door asking you for something. Here are nine ways you can make the most of Halloween in a Christ-exalting way:

  1. Pray for gospeltunites, that God would "open doors" (pun intended) for you to share the hope of Jesus with neighbors and be able to invite them to connect at The Brook.
  2. Pray in your heart for each child or family that comes to your door. Can you imagine saturating specific people in prayer this Halloween? Let's say 50 kids come to your front door. That's praying specifically for 50 people/households in your community!
  3. Serve something like hot chocolate, hot apple cider, or a bowl of chili at your front door. It'll likely be cold and your neighbors probably would love a quick warm up.
  4. Hang out in front of your home. Try to engage conversations with the parents and kids. Some will be receptive. Others won't. But you never know what kinds of gospeltunities will come of it.
  5. Have The Brook yard sign on your front lawn. That may start a conversation or give a point of reference for your friendliness.
  6. Pass out The Brook business cards to every trick-or-treater. They'll come home to look at their candy stash and find invites to our Sunday morning gatherings. We are creating new The Brook cards with our updated service times. They'll be available for you this Sunday.
  7. Volunteer to help and be at the front door of our church building for a 30 minute time slot from 4:00pm-8:00pm as we meet our neighbors.
  8. Bring candy to The Brook this Sunday and on Halloween so we can give a handful of candy to each child that comes by.
  9. Take a moment to remember a momentous event that happened for the Church through the pen of Martin Luther on Halloween in 1517 leading some to call October 31, Reformation Day. Read more here and here.

Do you have other creative ideas of how to connect with your neighbors this Halloween? Share them on our Facebook page!! Also, let's share stories of how God was at work through usthis Halloween.

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