What is White Flag Worship?

Exactly... what is White Flag Worship???

Let's begin by looking at the noun "white flag". The white flag originated on the battlefield. When the weaker party was losing the battle, they would raise a giant white flag. That signified that the weaker party was dropping their weapons, with the intent to surrender and desire to communicate. Worship: to show reverance or adoration unto God.

This goes hand and hand with what God desires from us. First drop our weapons, surrender to him, and comunicate with him. As followers of Jesus it is crucial that we begin by acknowledging who God is and in light of that raise our white flags surrendering to Him. This means we are giving all that is ours in His hands, we let go and let God take control. Now There is a cost it takes to surrender our lives to God. We are no longer in control of our lives--our belongings are now his. Our familes, children, houses, jobs, and money are now in his hands. Our selfish ambitions, our pride, and our desire to be glorified are placed in His hands. Contrary to the cost the reward is far sweeter than all of that. We are now enabled to be in communion with God, we are enabled to not just know about God but know God. The creator of this universe is the same person we call Father.

- Joshua Michael

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