Why Erikah finds comfort in the name Jehovah Rapha

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On November 22, 2017, Erikah wrote these words as a Facebook post:

It’s been a tough six weeks for us. I started having tingling in my feet in early October. On October 19th as I was getting ready for a shower before bed I had an uncontrollable sensation come over my body for about a minute causing my left leg to cramp and my left hand to contort while my right leg filled with extreme heat from my foot to my hip. This was a scary moment but it was a moment and I was hopeful that it was some sort of isolated bodily reaction or something that I could ignore. What I did not expect was that it would be the beginning of many more of the same exact episodes of paresthesia and heat and that I would be on over a month long journey to try to figure out what was causing my body to react in this way. 
After these episodes I would be physically wiped out. I had these episodes up to 7 times in a day but sometimes none. We went to the doctor October 22 and have since had a dozen visits back along with numerous tests. 
On Friday, November, 17th I had a spinal MRI which showed two lesions on my spine. They called to tell us they were admitting me to the hospital for steroid treatment just as we were pulling up to the garage from the visit. We got out of the garage feeling heavy with this new information and reality of my need for hospitalization and noticed that someone had tried to break into our house from our back door and window. We all definitely felt the weight of spiritual attack upon our home. 
I was in the hospital till Monday evening, November 20th and I am home now. I do not have answers yet. I am waiting for specific blood work and the complete results of my lumbar puncture. From the doctors to the neurologists the information and possibilities has been like a roller coaster of potentials with little hope. 
Latest thoughts from the neurologist is that I have either Multiple Sclerosis or Neuromyelitis Optica (some similarities to MS). 
Here is what I do know- I know my future and my hope. My inheritance can never be taken from me. I am sealed. I have been caused by God’s great mercy to be born again into a living hope because my Lord died for me and by His power He rose for me- granting me the assurance that I too will rise with Him. And my trials are for a “little while”. And these trials are to prove my faith to be more precious than gold. I know the outcome of my soul. I know regardless of my outcome, I can and will rejoice with joy inexpressible because I know my future. I know the ultimate outcome of my soul. I GET JESUS NO MATTER WHAT! 
And that fact has everything to do with God’s grace over me. He demonstrated His great love for me even when I was dead in my sin and then He chose me to have faith. This is all His doing and so if He never did anything else I am beyond blessed. 
But indeed He still pours His love and grace over my life daily. I am blessed. 
My church family, my dear Brook brothers and sisters have blessed my soul. I have literally felt their faith and it has rocked me. Along with numerous other dear brothers and sisters in Christ who have reached out and with great concern and with deep prayer expressed faith and tangible love. I love the body of Christ with genuine love and affection! 
I am so grateful for my husband. He has pastored my heart every step of this journey. With each episode of pain, moment of being overcome with fear and emotion, he has lead us in prayer and recited God’s truths of the Scriptures over us. This has built my faith with each pause to stop and reflect and gaze rightly upon the truth. I don’t know what I would do without God’s promises and without knowing that He is faithful to keep every single one of them. This is why we have to cling to God’s Word daily so that it is the reservoir we run to in these moments of fear and uncertainty- what else will bring us peace except the stillness of His voice in His promises? 
Obviously one of the hardest things often about trials is how much we want to protect our children and shield them (oh my poor mom) and so my biggest prayer has been that we would help our kids run to the Lord and see where else would we go? To show them that He is our hope and life even when we don’t get it. We know His love doesn’t change and ultimately our home isn’t here on this earth. 
From the time God blessed me with these children I have felt such a sense of calling on their lives. I feel called to help train these little soldiers and warriors for Christ in the midst of this crooked and perverse generation. I believe they will shine like stars. God will use them mightily and these trials will help them to turn to Him. Satan will not bully them. He sure did try to put fear in them Friday night finding out I would be staying in the hospital and making them feel so vulnerable because our house was almost broken into. We sat them on the couch- all of us in tears over the unknown and we praised God for His hand of protection over our home and we acknowledged this as an attack from the enemy. Right after we huddled, cried and prayed- Lukas ran and got his Bible and began to read Job on the couch (Eric has been taking them through the book of Job in family worship- and began the Book of Job series at The Brook October 22nd I find no coincidence in the trials we have seen in our church family this past month) I know he is only 8 but I think he understands more than many of us adults where we need to go when we just don’t get it. 
Oh, man I never want to live without the knowledge of the truth of God’s grace and mercy or to think I deserve anymore then what He has already given. He is good and more than enough! Even when we don’t have the answers! 
He is the God of Abundance. 
“Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix you hope completely on the grace to be brought to you are the revelation of Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 1:13
This is where I place my hope: in my secure future with Christ. “There is no need to be afraid anymore because His love casts out fear- so I will lift my head. His love is not like anything I’ve ever known- this love doesn’t make sense. This love will ruin every fear. This love makes it so that you can finally be free!” 
So I wait and pray and trust. 
“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3
Listen to the message: "Jehovah Rapha: I am the LORD, your Healer." 


Love your transparency sis! It's encouraging to see you walk this life of faith! <3
Erica, what an encouragement an incredible woman of God you are! Thank you for being so vulnerable to share with us! May God richly bless you and I pray God heals you !

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