Financial Fitness

It's the New Year, making it the perfect time to get fit. Not just with our health, but also with our finances. This 3-part Financial Fitness workshop "that won't break a sweat" will tackle crucial topics like paying down debt with the debt snowball, setting a budget, enjoying generosity, establishing a savings account, creating an emergency fund and living within your financial means. The guiding perseptives will come from principles of money we find in the Bible. Our desire is that this 3-week class will help you track your dollars, begin living in financial freedom, and be able to maximize your money for life-giving purposes. 

Cost: $10 per person (Included: 3 workshops, handouts, and light refreshments). Register and pay at

Class Notes for week one and lecture for week one.

Class notes for week two.

Class notes for week three and lecture for week three.


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