Real Community


Exhale. Relax. Let's connect!

We understand that connecting with a new church can be an intimidating thing. 

REAL COMMUNITIES meet weekdays at 6:30pm

In addition to our 10:30am Sunday morning worship service, we also get together during the week in homes on weekdays in Elmwood Park, Montclare, and Dunning from 6:30pm-8:30pm.Our Real Communities (RC's) create a place for people who are curious about the Christian faith, interested in exploring who Jesus is, or wanting to grow in their Christian faith to connect on a weekly basis. RC's come together to unpack the teachings of the Bible, eat meals, serve our neighborhood, praying together and living life with one another. 

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We have 6 gathering points:

  • Montclare (Rutherford)- Wellington & Rutherford - Tuesday's @ 6:30p
  • Montclare (Olcott)- Belmont & Olcott- Wednesday's @ 6:30p
  • Montclare (Nordica) - Grand & Harlem- Wednesday's @ 6:30p
  • Elmwood Park- Cumberland & Belmont- Wednesday's @ 6:30p
  • Dunning- Neenah & Belmont- Wednesday's @ 6:30p
  • Montclare (Newland) - North Ave. & Harlem- Thursday's @ 6:30p

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