Has God Forgotten Me?

July 2, 2017 Speaker: Eric Rivera Series: Selah (The Remix): The Book of Psalms

Passage: Psalm 13:1–13:6

There are times in life where we might feel abandoned by God. What's is comforting in those moments is to know that you're not alone. In fact, the book of Psalms is filled with expressions of "lament" where the writer is wrestling with his/her emotions before God. In fact, about 45% of the Psalms are laments, depicting the anguish of the soul. 

What is causing you to lament today? It may be life circumstances, the mess our state and city seems to be in, broken friendships, employment, family, or finances. Perhaps those scenarios are so difficult, you feel like God has left you on your own. 

God wants to meet us in the midst of our pain, our lament. The laments of the Bible are real expressions of hurt that actually reflect courageous faith. In this message, in addition to learning how to lament, we will answer the question, "how can we possess courageous faith when life is falling apart?" Listen in.

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