Our Passion

Leading the thirsty to the Water of Life

“If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink." - Jesus

John 7:37

The Brook is a diverse church in Chicago's northwest side. Our hope is to get to meet and know people like you. We'd love to share with you how much Jesus means to us and how He's changed our lives. We're imperfect people who love bragging about our amazing God.



The Brook is Serving Youth

The Brook is teaming up with GRIP Outreach for Youth to launch "Slam" for youth on the Northwest side of Chicago. Joshua Phillips answers the question: Why are we serving youth?

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The Brook is Birthing a New Church

We have an exciting announcement! Pastor Jeremy Barahona shares what God has been brewing in him and Angelica in regards to church planting.

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Book of James

The Book of James The Brook Family is embarking on a journey to study the Book of James for 8 weeks. It seems as though one of the most important questions to ask in this life is: "How do I live out my relationship with God in perilo

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