Who We Are

Our Vision

The Brook Exists to lead the thirsty to the water of life. What that means is, we dream of seeing people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds rocked by the amazing news that Jesus loves them and has made a way for them to have a relationship with Him. Jesus is the one who satisfies our thirsts by providing forgiveness for our wrongs and eternal life for everyone who believes in him.

We envision seeing men encounter God and learn how to be leaders and walk with integrity. We dream of see women passionate about their faith. We dream of God raising a generation of youth who are unashamed of the gospel—God’s good news. We dream of seeing children grow up loving Jesus.

Reflecting these dreams, there are 5 values that shape all that we do at The Brook. We like to say, this is the flowing W-A-T-E-R God wants to see:

W - White Flag Worship

God wants us to surrender all that we are to Him. This is at the heart of giving your life to Jesus and worshipping God with all you’ve got.

A - Always on Mission

We want to broadcast the hope God offers when we trust in Jesus. For this reason, we want everyone at The Brook to remember that people won’t hear about Jesus unless we speak up and tell them. We call this seizing the gospeltunities (i.e. gospel opportunities) before us.

T - Thirsty Prayers

At the heart of prayer is acknowledging our frailty and confessing God’s awesome power. When we pray, we talk to God like a thirsty man or woman in a desert in search of water expressing our needs, our thankful hearts, our burdens, and our longing for God.

E - Embodying the Scriptures

The Bible is God’s Word spoken to us. We at The Brook are committed to the Bible and, with God’s help, want to clothe ourselves with what it teaches. We want to take to heart the saying that says that my life is the only Bible some people will ever read.

R - Real Community

Our lives were not meant to be lived in isolation. We as a church want to be a family that walks alongside of one another through the good and hard times, asking the tough questions, and sharpening one another to look more like Jesus and less like the world.